Social Habitat is a design and place making consultancy,

based in the Northern Rivers of NSW,

that specialises in the following:

  • Building design including approvals of primary and secondary dwellings and small commercial projects;
  • Integrated planning and design for rural properties including building design, rural land sharing community options and tourism;
  • Affordable housing developments (note affiliation with Social Habitat Housing Ltd);
  • Place making and public art project management; and
  • Community development and master planning processes.

We coordinate independent  design, planning, engineering, building and community development professionals who live and work in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and are committed to ecologically sustainable and social justice outcomes in the built environment. We form teams around the specific requirements of a project, and involve skilled people who will be able to directly enhance the outcomes of a project.

Contact Information

malcolmprice@socialhabitat.com.au       M 0410623348

June 2018


Dear homeowner,

If you have considered adding a secondary dwelling, extending or changing your house, subdividing your block or creating a dual occupancy and don’t know quite where to start maybe we can help.

Our meeting costs you nothing and is obligation free.

We offer a service at three levels:

  1. We can advise, assist and coordinate financial feasibility, planning, design and documentation for various types of development and construction approval for you, tailored to your circumstances. The service will normally be at an hourly rate and involves the following types of options:
    • Redesign of your existing dwelling to create more usable space and amenity;
    • Options for extra space for working at home or rental space;
    • Options for accommodating extended family, such as an elderly parent or affordable semi-independent accommodation for adult children;
    • Siting and design of a secondary dwelling;
  2. We can help explore the feasibility of forms of subdivision or strataing of your property;
  3. If the risk and aggravation of redevelopment or subdivision seems too much we are happy to explore a joint venture partnership with you, where we take on all the risk and aggravation.

We hope this is helpful.


Malcolm Price & Michael Dowling

Social Habitat

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We live in a time that challenges our connection to place.

Are we to all live in ubiquitous virtual communities.
Live in diverse communities tied to real places that are equitable, culturally rich and in harmony with nature.

Social – United, living with others – pertaining to society as a natural condition of human life

Habitat – the natural home or environment of an animal, plant, or other – The area or environment where an organism or ecological community normally lives or occurs

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