Social Habitat is focused on the provision of housing that:

  • Is socially responsive and responsibility;

  • Is equitable;

  • is environmentally sustainable; and

  • Is part of accountable settlement patterns.

Mini LShape House

We presently focus on the development low cost and affordable housing (see accompanying page on Housing Affordability for background information) and housing types for community settlements see (settlement section of website). Affordable Housing Strategies include:

  • Local Land Strategy
  • Granny Flat Project
  • Development of Housing Prototypes


  • The North Coast Community Housing Company (NCCHC) is a not-for-profit company managing long-term social housing for people with special needs and residents with low and moderate incomes in the far North Coast region of New South Wales in Australia. The Company is the largest Community Housing provider in this region.
  • Northern Rivers Housing Forum which is sponsored by the Northern Rivers Social Development Council.
  • Shelter NSW is a nongovernment, nonprofit, social change agency committed to working for a fair and just housing system. We advocate for the housing interests of low-income and disadvantaged people in New South Wales, and provide community education to build the capacity of non-profit organizations to provide housing and housing-related services.
  • The NSW Government Centre for Affordable Housing – http://www.housing.nsw.gov.au/Centre+For+Affordable+Housing/
  • The Byron Shire Affordable Housing Strategy – http://www.byron.nsw.gov.au/affordable-housing
  • Australian Housing and Urban Research Institiute – http://www.ahuri.edu.au/