Housing Affordability in the Northern Rivers

Housing Affordability in the Northern Rivers

Housing affordability is a serious issue in the Northern Rivers Region. It is causing a large displacement of people primarily young people and the elderly. There are a number of factors contributing to this crisis.

Housing costs in the Northern Rivers, particularly the coastal shires of Ballina, Byron . . . → Read More: Housing Affordability in the Northern Rivers

Northern Rivers Affordable Housing Strategy Comments

If you have a comment on the progress of the Northern Rivers Affordable Housing Strategy please either comments here or send an email to malcolmprice@socialhabitat.com.au We will attempt to incorporate all useful information.

What is a MEV?

Micro-Enterprise Villages are places which naturally attract and embrace:

free trade in ideas; informal, unsupervised human interaction; uninhibited (and unqualified?) creativity; spontaneous social interplay; and the initiation of new enterprise.

It does this by:

Evolving around and amongst the unique natural and socio-historical characteristics of the existing Places; Nurturing an enterprise incubator; Engendering a new . . . → Read More: What is a MEV?

Tilting at Windmills and Affordable Housing

I agree with Michelle Grant in virtually everything she says in her letter last week. I would love it if there were a rich mix of housing in Byron Shire including public housing, cooperative housing, good community focused caravan parks, community land trusts, and new low cost MO’s. However government and housing organisations have . . . → Read More: Tilting at Windmills and Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Under the new SEPP Affordable Rental Housing anyone with an urban block over 450sqm can build a secondary dwelling of up to 60sqm in size. This was/is good state government policy, unfortunately the legislation does not make it clear whether local councils can levy development contributions, so confusion prevails. Tweed Council doesn’t charges them, . . . → Read More: Affordable Housing

Piecemeal development

I in no way want to defend the proposed developments on left bank road but when someone quotes “Good principles of town planning indicate …” to support small acre subdivision it has be responded to. Small acre subdivision both in practice and theory has been possibly the most environmentally and socially destructive form of land . . . → Read More: Piecemeal development

Aurukun Diary 2006

In 2006 while traveling up the Queensland coast with my family I was engaged by the then director-general of the Department of Education Ken Smith to work as a government liaison worker in the Cape York community of Aurukun. I lived in Aurukun for approximately 5 months and this is a diary of my thoughts, . . . → Read More: Aurukun Diary 2006