Jim Benton

Jim Benton

Contact – james_benton@hotmail.com


Jim has been a master builder, businessman, designer, land broker, natural resource manager, artist, political activist and lobbyist.  His most consistent roles have been as a builder/ land broker and social and environment advocate over a 40 year period.  As a builder he has managed the approval process, cost control and coordination of trades on more then 30 building projects (primarily housing).

Builder, estimator, coordination and negotiation of development approval on 12 housing projects Bay Islands, SE Queensland. (2006-2011)

Community Title project officer for Chris Rose Designs, brokered deals between owners, developers and Local Government bodies on Community Title Developments in SE Queensland. (2001-2007)

Bioregional Consulting – Research and feasibility on new rural settlement models. (1997-1998)

Natural resource management business that partnered with farmers and trades in timber re-cycling in Lismore. 1990-1995

  • Addressed NOROC on bioregionalism. 1993

Lobbyist – Working with economists and planners lobbyied NSW and Commonwealth Governments on land tenancy issues, particularly rural and regional land tenancy issues. (1981 – 1995)

Land broker and developer of rural landsharing communities 1974-1986 included:

  • Coordination of purchase of land for Bundagen Community
  • Co-founder of “Bundagen Storyboard” 1980-81

Co-ordinator of The Australian Dolphin and Cetacean Foundation, directed designers and engineers to create an open to sea Dolphinarium (1983)

Co-ordinator of the N.S.W. Nth Coast Conservation Council, opened the first Environment Centre outside a city. (1975-1981)

  • Created first SWYEPT scheme, a predecessor of the CYSS and NEIS programs. The pilot, run in Bellingen, was a Work/Barter exchange system;
  • Hosted New Settlers Alliance, representative office of the many M.O.s campaigning for legitimacy.

Special Project Officer for the South Australian Conservation Foundation

Produced report on the construction methodologies of the uranium mines in the Northern Territory (1972-1973)

Strine Designs, Pty. Ltd, was a master builder in alliance with an Architect and Engineer.  Specialised in shop-fits, and Night Club Restaurant constructions in inner-city Sydney. (1966-1972)