Tweed Street Masterplan

Brunswick Heads, NSW, Australia, 2009-

Client: Byron Shire Council and Brunswick Heads Community

Tweed Street in Brunswick Heads is the old Pacific Highway, once the highway was bypassed in 1998 the amount of traffic particularly large trucks has receeded, yet Tweed Street still has the infrastructure and look of an old highway.  Since around 2003 The Brunswick Heads community has lobbied to have the central 6 blocks of Tweed Street revamped to fit its new circumstances.

Social Habitat with the assistance of Paul Blay a landscape architect and TerraArk, was employed by Byron Shire Council in May of 2009 to prepare a master plan of Tweed Street.

In the first phase of the project in May – July Social Habitat engaged in a community mapping process which was recorded on the Tweed Street Storyboard document.  The community mapping process included looking at the past maps and uses of Tweed Street, an analysis of how the street currently works and getting the views of the community as to how they see its future.  More then 40 maps were received from community individuals and groups.

Tweed Street Storyboard Pages 1-9

Tweed Street Storyboard Pages 10-17

The second phase of the project was to prepare a masterplan.  The masterplan was prepared between July and September and included feedback sessions with important Brunswick Heads community groups, in particular The Progress Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Tweed Street Storyboard Pages 18-28

A final draft plan was presented to Byron Shire Council in October 2009, this plan has since been exhibited in early 2010.

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