Micro Enterprise Villages (MEV)

Micro-Enterprise Villages are places which naturally attract and embrace:

  1. free trade in ideas;
  2. informal, unsupervised human interaction;
  3. uninhibited (and unqualified?) creativity;
  4. spontaneous social interplay; and
  5. the initiation of new enterprise.

It does this by:

  1. Growing-up in (Not sure, maybe evolving is a better word or metamorphosing), around and amongst the unique natural and socio-historical characteristics of the existing Places;
  2. Nurturing an enterprise incubator;
  3. Engendering a new planning code for Development Applications of MEV?s. (One which facilitates flexibility and encourages variety in human activity within a single zone),
  4. Utilising and evolving Community Title as the powerful tool to form a body corporate for village governance, which;
  5. Absorbs and diverts regulations, taxes and costs which so cripple the “battler”, with it’s Corporate identity. It similarly absorbs the taxes and over-regulation driven costs which sour and condemn the very natural drive in folk to get together and have fun and change the world.

A MEV is an enclave allowing the free trade of ideas, not for high finance. It’s a village market fair that stimulates the interaction between a remarkable place, ideas and enterprise.

A Micro Enterprise village has no set physical format because it will vary depending on its context.  It is an idea that will work as well

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